About Ruby Wax

Leadership Communication Specialist

Ruby Wax - Leadership Communication Specialist.Ruby Wax has had a successful 25 year career in television. Through her directness, intuition and humour she quickly established a relationship with her guests during interviews, creating a climate of mutual appreciation and rapport. This incredibly useful skill can be taught to any leader who wants to motivate, inspire and improve communication within their organisation.

Aside from her television career Ruby has studied Psychotherapy and gained her Master’s degree in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from Oxford University. She now runs management workshops for business leaders enabling them to find a deeper and more direct level of communication with their clients and colleagues. Her workshops combine humour with scientific and theoretical learning and normally involve practical exercises.

During a typical workshop, she might include clips from her interviews with Madonna, Imelda Marcos and Hugh Heffner. Ruby demonstrates moment by moment how she gets under the skin of these individuals, relating to them on a human level, showing both samples of her many successes, and one or two of her ‘car crashes’!

As Ruby says, “when you begin to relate as one human to another it helps build better teamwork, better connections with the public, your clients, your shareholders and your employees. It’s your humanness that works as a glue to hold relationships together, not your intellect.”

Ruby Wax’s Areas of Expertise:

  • Change Explained Through Neuroscience.
  • Communication, Engagement and Rapport.
  • Dealing with Stress in a Work Environment, or How to Survive the 21st Century.
  • Diversification.
  • Humour and Leadership.

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